Data Visualization: Self-Service Analytics with Tableau 

About the webinar

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) relies on IT departments to develop data analysis processes to help businesses meet their objectives. As a result, bottlenecks and resource constraints limit the business’s ability to get timely and meaningful insights when IT is the only department with the ability to create reports and forecast trends. 

Self-service Business Intelligence (SSBI) gives the power of analyzing data to business users. This doesn’t mean that there will be no need for IT. Data teams remain involved in SSBI but instead focus on how data is mined, modeled, and governed. 

Discover how self-service analytics with Tableau can transform the way IT empowers business resilience and change with data. In this webinar recording we discuss important considerations for implementation of a SSBI Platform using Tableau and how to shift from a full Enterprise BI model to a Citizen or Hybrid BI Model. 

What Will You Learn? 

  • How Tableau fits into your modern data architecture 
  • How to drive BI adoption at scale with a proven methodology that combines customer best practices and expertise 
  • How to enable your teams with self-service data prep and visual data management 
  • How to make self-service analytics possible with trusted data 

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