Data Modernization for Manufacturing 

About the webinar

Manufacturing organizations are deploying the latest and most powerful innovations of Industry 4.0. Organizations are reaping the benefits of developing end-to-end solutions that will enhance their entire operation, reducing downtime and operation costs, while offering vital insights and uncovering new opportunities. Join Adastra for a data modernization webinar featuring case studies presented by Magna.  

What You Will Learn 

  • How to enable transformative industry solutions through Adastra’s Three Horizon approach 
  • How to leverage organizational data for supply chain and operations management 
  • Learn how manufacturing solutions can provide comprehensive visualization, data and analytics platforms. 
  • Take advantage of Industry 4.0 innovations for efficient and effective business growth. 

On-demand webinar

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About the speakers

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Stefan Tropper, Tower Manager, Magna

Stefan Tropper

Tower Manager, Magna
Mayo Fottral, Global Director ERP / MES Solutions, Magna

Mayo Fottral

Global Director ERP / MES Solutions, Magna 
Kevin Harmer, Chief Cloud Officer, Adastra

Kevin Harmer

Chief Cloud Officer, Adastra
Nadir Manji, Sr. Account Executive, Adastra

Nadir Manji

Sr. Account Executive, Adastra