Get the Maximum of Your Cloud

Why rely on a Managed Service Provider to maximize cloud ROI?

About the webinar

Cloud and cloud technologies exist for more than a decade now. The adoption of those technologies started growing in the past 5-6 years. The benefits of the cloud are well understood but not that easy to achieve. Many companies decide to slow down or even stop cloud adoption due to unsatisfactory resulted versus expectations – performance, cost optimization, or ROI.

Join us to discuss how Adastra can help you to decide whether to go with the cloud, identify issues with your cloud adoption, and how to get the maximum of it.

Topics covered

  • Pros and cons of cloud utilization (cloud vs. traditional)
  • Frequent cloud adoption challenges (concerns of using cloud)
  • How to maximize cloud ROI?
  • Why Adastra Managed Services?

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About the speaker

A photo of Milen Stoyanov, Managed Services Manager, Adastra Bulgaria

Milen Stoyanov

Adastra Bulgaria