Adastra & Lifelabs Keynote: Maximizing Innovation through Data Democratization 

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To stay competitive, organizations must utilize every ounce of their data. Leveraging clean, accurate, standardized, and accessible data allows organizations to deliver on key business objectives, unlock insights, arrive at better decisions, and innovate. 

More recently, businesses and IT have been at a crossroads for expectations around speed, agility, and the need to support business value. Democratizing data is intended to bridge the gap, however, the missing link to truly deliver such outcomes is best supported through governance and delivery of data products. Data products are at the core of new value enablers such as the Data Mesh and Data Fabric, that claim to make better use of business teams and technology to accelerate sustainable growth. 

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Rahim Hajee, Chief Technology Strategy Officer

Rahim Hajee

Chief Technology Strategy Officer