August 22, 2022

Adastra, a global leader in AI and machine learning, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a $1.1-million investment from SCALE AI to support a supply chain optimization platform project for their partner Taiga Building Products.

SCALE AI is Canada’s supercluster dedicated to strengthening the country’s leadership role in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science. This is the second project SCALE AI has funded for Adastra this year, after their investment of $1-million into developing a smart platform to optimize agricultural yield in April 2022.

By using AI to enable data-driven decisions on these critical elements of Taiga’s supply chain there will be a direct impact to the consumer with available inventory, lower costs, and a wider variety of products. One of Taiga’s retail customers will participate in the project and provide real-time data that will be integrated into Taiga’s ‘just-in-time’ inventory model to create a tangible impact along the building materials supply chain.

Darren Edery - Chief Executive Offices of Adastra Group.

Darren Edery | CEO, Adastra

Adastra saw a need for the project due to the fragmented nature of the building materials supply chain. The overall goal of this initiative is to use data inputs that are readily available in disparate systems and use advanced AI techniques to solve three of the most pressing bottlenecks in the building materials supply chain: accurate demand forecasting, maximizing truck loads, and optimizing warehouse layouts.

Taiga sees the use of technology, specifically machine learning/artificial intelligence technology at the retail level to be a meaningful advancement for our customers. The promotion of these tools will increase revenue for our customers and improve the overall value chain in the LBM space.

Hanif Jessani | Director, IT, Taiga Building Products

In 2021, Adastra was awarded a Microsoft Impact Award in artificial intelligence. These annual awards recognize Microsoft partners that have focused on bettering the lives of Canadians and demonstrated excellence in sales, marketing, skilling, innovation, and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. Coupled with their two projects funded by SCALE AI, Adastra is quickly becoming a leader in helping organizations address complex supply chain issues with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their proven solutions in the space have been unlocking value for organizations and their clients.

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