July 6, 2020

As the economy moves towards reopening and organizations across Canada collectively rally to fight COVID-19, Adastra and Ataccama will be helping the cause by offering a Data Governance Acceleration Program – implementing AI-driven data governance powered by Microsoft Azure – at no cost to customer organizations.

The partnership accelerates data quality and governance projects by establishing connectivity to core systems and developing core business rules to identify and cleanse priority data. All of this can be done with Ataccama ONE, Ataccama’s self-driving data management and governance platform, on the Azure platform within a matter of weeks. The full solution delivery will include:

· A data quality report highlighting data health and potential errors

· A secure portal for organizations to provide data (in batches, real-time, or daily)

· AI-driven profiling and validation functionality

· Automated and manual data cleansing and data quality monitoring

· Matching and merging of duplicate information

· A master data management hub to store, manage, and provide clean and consistent data

This discovery session covers:

· Demo of Ataccama ONE

· Outlines and deliverables of solution

· Qualification requirements

· Use case review

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