April 13, 2023

The challenge: combining the Electrical Safety Authority’s various sources of big data together to gain important business insights about electrical incident trends.

Toronto, April 13, 2023 – Adastra, a global data and analytics solution provider, has been chosen by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) in Ontario as a strategic partner to create a secure and scalable data platform.

This represents a critical step toward ESA’s ability to blend big data from different sources to gain important business insights. This provides critical information about safety and enables strategic data-driven management decisions to deliver on the organization’s priorities.

“This solution is a key component of our digital strategy. The ESA Digital Strategy is an organizational approach to maximize business benefits from modern technology and data assets.”

Kelley Irwin

CIO, Electrical Safety Authority


To deliver on CIO Kelley Irwin’s vision, ESA was searching for a strong partner to build advanced analytics and engaged Adastra due to our expertise in data visualization and business intelligence, as well as our experience on the Microsoft platform.


“Combining ESA’s business expertise with Adastra’s deep technical expertise has been instrumental in making this engagement a success. Together, we can strengthen ESA’s ability to serve its membership. Having a CIO that is committed to implementing the right solutions for ESA has also been key.”

Darren Edery

CEO, Adastra

By implementing Microsoft’s Power BI, ESA is now able to develop custom analytics dashboards enabling them the ability to anticipate, understand and prevent electrical-related harms, as well as better respond to internal and external stakeholder needs.

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is a regulator and advocate for electrical safety in Ontario, Canada’s most densely populated province with almost 15 million inhabitants. ESA’s role includes oversight of electrical work, licensing electrical contracting businesses and their master electricians, identifying and targeting leading causes of electrical safety risk as well as promoting awareness, education, and training.

Ontario is one of the most demographically diverse areas in the world which makes it a key location to be able to gather and analyze varied data. The information ESA is gaining by combining and applying different analyses to their data uncovers safety insights for safety collaborators around the world.

Learn more about Adastra and ESA’s solution.

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