August 9, 2022

Adastra today announced that the company has achieved Select status in the Alteryx Partner Program.

Adastra first became a partner in January 2022 and has been working with Alteryx to democratize data within organizations ever since. Along with reselling Alteryx licenses, Adastra brings its expertise in governance and data strategy to help build robust processes, implement enterprise-grade security, and demonstrate best practices for clients’ data democratization journeys.

Achieving Select status represents our commitment to democratizing analytics for our customers. Our enhanced partnership with Alteryx will allow customers to inject analytics into everyday business processes to make data-driven decisions.

Rob Turner - EVP Marketing & Sales, Adastra

Rob Turner | EVP Marketing & Sales, Adastra

Alteryx partners bring value to customers from pre-sales and planning to integrating Alteryx and optimizing performance. The partnership empowers analytics for all; helping knowledge workers across business users, analysts, and data scientists find insights faster and create business breakthroughs. Alteryx makes it easy to connect and clean data from almost any source, join that data together, then perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics – all in the same code-free or code-friendly environment.

Achieving Select partner status reflects Adastra’s continued commitment to empowering every customer to make more informed data-driven decisions across the enterprise. The Alteryx partner program is designed to reward this commitment with progressive benefits as partners achieve milestones within the program. We are honored to be able to call Adastra an Alteryx Select partner.

Barb Huelskamp

Barb Huelskamp | SVP Global Partners & Alliances, Alteryx

Organizations are increasingly engaging in digital transformations and large-scale analytics initiatives that require technical skill. Adastra, in partnership with Alteryx, helps its clients take matters into their own hands. With the power of low-code/no-code analytical process automation, organizations are unlocking the value of hundreds of use cases and driving unique business value.

By achieving Select partner status with Alteryx, we are excited to gain deeper access to the Alteryx product team as well as beta access to new products. This enhanced access will help us better understand how to connect our customers with the analytics needed to address their unique use cases.

Steve Revenko

Steve Revenko | Alteryx Partner Lead, Adastra

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