June 21, 2020

TORONTO June 23, 2020 – Adastra and Ataccama announced that they will help organizations fight COVID-19 by offering a Data Governance Acceleration Program – implementing AI-driven data governance powered by Microsoft Azure – at no cost to customer organizations. 

As the economy moves toward reopening, and organizations across Canada collectively rally to fight COVID-19, prevent the spread of the disease, and manage logistics in a dynamically changing environment, data and information have become central drivers in strategic decision making.    

Adastra, Ataccama and Microsoft have all been recognized by Gartner as major players in the data management space. 

“We know that the only way to tackle COVID-19 is with a united front,” says Darren Edery, CEO Of Adastra North America. “With advanced data governance, we can help organizations regulate their data to ensure the delivery of accurate and timely information and insights, execute strategic decision making, and accelerate the development of their COVID-19 related solutions as quickly as possible. With the strong collaboration between Adastra, Ataccama and Microsoft, we have the complimentary skills and expertise required to help address this specific problem.” 

The program announced today will accelerate data quality and governance projects by establishing connectivity to core systems and developing core business rules to help ensure the delivery of reliable insights for COVID-19 solutions. All of this can be done with Ataccama ONE, Ataccama’s self-driving data management and governance platform, within a matter of weeks. Organizations will be provided: 

  • A data quality report highlighting data health and potential errors 
  • A secure portal for organizations to provide data (in batches, realtime, or daily) 
  • AIdriven profiling and validation functionality 
  • Automated and manual data cleansing and data quality monitoring 
  • Matching and merging of duplicate information 
  • A master data management hub to store, manage, and provide clean and consistent data 

“We’re proud to offer our software and technical know-how to organizations tackling this challenge,” says Afshin Lotfi, EVP North America, Ataccama. “Our platform enables hundreds of enterprise organizations worldwide to integrate, cleanse, and deduplicate data, and brings the accelerated data governance needed to help push innovation forward. By delivering mature and high performing data governance solutions through this collaboration, we aim to make a direct contribution to ending the hardships brought about by Covid-19.” 

Henrik Gutle, Microsoft Canada Azure General Manager said, “Helping communities during this crisis is a cause that is paramount to Microsoft. Working with leaders like Adastra and Ataccama make it very tangible to create widespread impact across Canada.” 

This no-cost solution will continue to be offered throughout 2020 to non-profit and for-profit organizations alike. If you are currently working toward a COVID-19 related solution, you can contact Adastra and Ataccama for more information. 

About Adastra 

Adastra Corporation transforms businesses into digital leaders. Since 2000, Adastra has been helping global organizations accelerate innovation, improve operational excellence, and create unforgettable customer experiences, all with the power of their data. By providing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, Cloud, Digital and Governance services and solutions, Adastra helps enterprises leverage data that they can control and trust, connecting them to their customers – and their customers to the world. 

About Ataccama 

Ataccama delivers augmented data management with Ataccama ONE. It’s a robust, AI-powered platform integrating Data Discovery & Profiling, Metadata Management & Data Catalog, Data Quality Management, Master & Reference Data Management, and Big Data Processing & Data Integration. Ataccama ONE gives you the option to start with what you need and seamlessly extend as your business requires. The first step is free—try our one-click data profiling trusted by 55,000 users globally at one.ataccama.com. 

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