Google’s Guide to Data Warehouse Innovation

Future-proof bespoke data analytics across organization with data warehouse innovation.

About the guide

The data warehouse innovation potential is constantly increasing by emerging technologies, which usually bring a cost advantage with them. More than ever before, organizations now need solutions to not only answer their analytics needs, but also provide features and functionalities which will enable the generation of new value – and all that at much lower cost and much higher rate.

In this guide, you will find out the steps your organization can take to make sure you have future-proofed your data warehouse with bespoke innovation potential.

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  • Maximize collaboration and openness
  • Choose analytics products that scale cost-effectively
  • Select tailored solutions designed specifically for your industry
  • Look for analytics tools that leverage AI and ML for better intelligence
  • Bring your data to the tools people already use
  • Protect your data and operate with trust

Industry leaders understand the value of accurate, timely data, and invest accordingly in data warehouse innovation. Ensuring your data warehouse is positioned to meet the evolving needs of your organization is critical.

Modern data warehouses process data in real time, store them in the cloud, and make it possible to create analyses and reports using natural language queries. It empowers effective business decision-making.

Modern data warehouses are influenced by the exponential growth of data volumes and push for cost-effective advanced analytics. The focus is shifted from processing of structured data to storing and near-real time processing data in different formats from multiple sources.

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