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Adastra’s Nova Consultant position is designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world application in the field of Data and Analytics. It is intended for new and recent grads who may be short on experience but embody enormous potential.

About Nova Consultants

Nova Consultants make the most of their dedication, capability, and passion by leveraging the training, guidance and mentorship designed to set them up for a path of continuous growth and sustainable success at Adastra. They have the opportunity to work in multiple competencies and verticals from early on in their Adastra career, thereby building a solid foundation in the formative years and paving the way for dynamic growth as they gain versatility and thrive as well-rounded Consultants.


Fit4Adastra, a comprehensive training program curated by Adastrans, for Adastrans. Designed to give Nova Consultants insight into the latest technologies, methodologies, and best practices as well as all different areas of our business.


Through client projects, internal assignments and mentorship, Nova Consultants put their knowledge into action and gradually master their technical, analytical, business, and interpersonal skills they need to succeed as a member of any project team.


While Nova Consultants usually start in hands-on, technical roles, there is always the opportunity to stretch their talent and expand their knowledge by taking on other relevant roles and responsibilities


Novas are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with each other on an ongoing basis, often in the form of presentations to internal audiences, giving them a platform to enhance their presentation and public speaking skills.


As they move from one project to the next, Novas unleash greater potential by gaining experience in different roles, working with a variety of technologies, collaborating with multiple practices and making their mark in different industries.


Novas have the opportunity to build on multiple competencies and work in verticals from early on in their Adastra career, allowing to experiment with different areas of the business and develop a broader knowledge base and skillset for sustainable growth.


Having completed Fit4Adastra and accumulated two years of Adastra experience, Nova Consultants have a solid foundation for dynamic growth, and the versatility to thrive as well-rounded Consultants.

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