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Welcome to Adastra 

“Adastra is a great place to learn and grow!”

“The mentorship was very practical and inspiring!”

These are just some of the sentiments our students have had to say about their Co-op experience at Adastra. Our philosophy is to combine top Data and AI industry experts with up-and-coming talent. Whether your co-op term is 4 or 12 months, Adastra ensures that all students get a meaningful hands-on experience in a project environment. 
We understand that the best learning happens on the job – which is why we provide Data and Analytics Co-op students with exciting, innovative, and dynamic real-world projects. Through our mentorship program, progressive training curriculum, and enlightening workshops and events, Adastra provides the perfect building blocks to start off your career in the world of Data and Analytics Consulting. 

What We Do 

Adastrans work as our clients’ data partners to help them harness their data assets and unlock their business value by leveraging the most advanced tools, technologies, and methodologies available. 

We work behind the scenes by integrating into our clients’ teams, deepening our understanding of each client’s unique business. From there, we develop and implement smart solutions, best practices in data management, and analytics that is tailored to their specific needs and share our knowledge along the way to ensure long-term success. 

Why Join Us 

Joining Adastra gives you the opportunity to unleash your true potential and stretch your talent, as you take part in the most interesting and complex data-related challenges with organizations across different sectors. It places you at the heart of data-centric innovation and allows you to benefit from the expertise of an international team of Data Engineering, Cloud, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, and Data Governance Consultants. 

It immerses you in a multicultural, dynamic, and learning-focused environment where we believe the best way to grow is together. We embrace the diversity of backgrounds and encourage sharing of knowledge as a way of cultivating an enriching experience where we support and learn from one another while bettering ourselves. At Adastra, we celebrate personal development just as much as we do team achievements and organizational success. 

Student Testimonials 

“During my third and fourth years of undergrad, I had the privilege of working with Adastra part-time. During this time, I worked under John Yawney, the Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), where I was able to extensively develop my knowledge of data science and analytics while gaining real-world experience on client projects. The supportive and collaborative environment allowed me to develop valuable skills, be involved in projects with audio fingerprinting, incorporate image analytics techniques, and analyze text using natural language processing methods. Today, I am working full-time at Adastra as a Senior Data Scientist, where I continue to involve myself in new, exciting data analytics projects.”

Connor Wilkinson | Senior Data Scientist | Adastra

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