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Adastra Corporation is always looking for talented people to join our team!

There has been an increased instance of fraudulent job offers coming from people posing as Adastra HR employees. Please note that Adastra will never request fees as part of our recruiting process and any emails sent to you that are not from ‘’ or ‘’ are fraudulent. All employment offers are sent via DocuSign and if you receive an employment offer from a suspicious email and not via DocuSign, it is fraudulent.

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Join Adastra!

Adastra is always actively looking for experienced Data & Analytics professionals, as well as recent graduates looking to break into the field

Welcome to Adastra 

Our people and their collective expertise are the basis of Adastra’s prowess. Adastra Consultants are self-driven powerhouses with a passion for all things data and a true appreciation for its strategic value.

No two Adastrans are the same – each one brings a unique mix of knowledge, experience and strengths. Together, we are transforming the Data and Analytics space for organizations across industries every day.

What We Do 

Adastrans work as our clients’ data partners to help them protect existing data investments, harness their data assets and unlock their business value by leveraging the most advanced tools, technologies, and methodologies available. 

We work behind the scenes by integrating into our clients’ teams, in order to deepen our understanding of each client’s unique business. From there, we develop and implement smart solutions and best practices in data management and analytics that are tailored to their specific needs, and share our knowledge along the way to ensure long-term success. 

Why Join Us 

Joining Adastra gives you the opportunity to unleash your potential and stretch your talent, as you take part in the most interesting and complex data-related challenges with organizations across different sectors. It places you at the heart of data-centric innovation, and allows you to benefit from the expertise of an international team of Data Engineering, Cloud, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Data Governance Consultants. 

It immerses you in a multicultural, dynamic and learning-focused environment where we believe the best way to grow is together. We embrace diversity of backgrounds and encourage sharing of knowledge as a way of cultivating an enriching experience where we support and learn from one another while bettering ourselves. At Adastra, we celebrate personal development just as much as we do team achievements and organizational success. 

Collaborative Community

Achieve synergies across competencies, technologies, sectors & geographies.

Continuous Learning 

Curated trainings, workshops & education subsidies for progressive growth. 

Multiple Ways to Thrive

Advance your career through specializations or project management opportunities.

Supportive Leadership

Support and mentorship from highly qualified managers and executive leadership.

Leadership and Mentorship 

Resource Managers 

We believe there is a lot to learn from those who came before us. Adastra Consultants benefit from the guidance of Adastra Resource Managers (ARMs), who are experienced Consultants further along in their Adastra careers who can speak from experience and share valuable wisdom. ARMs are appointed to encourage, advise and support other Adastra Consultants by helping them navigate through day-to-day challenges. They also play a critical role in performance management, short- and long-term career planning, and training and development to help Adastra Consultants achieve excellence every step of the way. 

Practice Leads 

Adastra Consultants also take advantage of expertise-specific leadership from our Practice Leads who, in addition to driving the growth of Adastra’s dedicated practices, provide our Consultants with expert knowledge and the necessary tools to excel in areas including Data Engineering, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Management and Cloud. 


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