Windows and Microsoft on Google Cloud

Get world-class experience for Microsoft and Windows-based workloads on GCP.

About the whitepaper

Today thousands of companies are running Microsoft and Windows workloads in Google Cloud. It brings them flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and high performance. Google has plenty to offer when it comes to migrating and modernizing traditional enterprise Windows workloads to the cloud. If you are interested in getting more details, we can present different approaches for re-hosting, modernizing, and transforming Windows applications, and the benefits of moving to Google Cloud.

This whitepaper is a brief overview of what Microsoft and Windows on Google Cloud look like and how to get scalable infrastructure to help you improve agility and cost-efficiency.

Why download

  • Tackle key infrastructure challenges for your organization, such as scalability and modernization.
  • Improve efficiency and operational agility while reducing licensing costs.
  • Simplify operations with Google Cloud solutions that benefit your company both short- and long-term.

Table of Contents

  • Migration overview
  • Optimize and modernize to reduce cost
  • What’s new
  • Related products

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