Simplify Your Google Cloud Migration

Seamlessly shift workloads from your datacenter to the cloud with the Google Cloud VMware Engine.

About the whitepaper

Industries are transforming and businesses are evolving at a rapid rate. In this environment, owning and operating a datacenter is not only a competitive disadvantage, but a burden as organizations try to keep up with the business and customer demands.

Google Cloud VMware Engine delivers a simple and seamless way to migrate to the cloud without having to re-architect or refactor applications. With this solution, you can benefit from flexible, on-demand capacity to rapidly meet business needs and realize cost savings compared to running workloads on-premises.

Running your VMware-based workloads in Google Cloud allows you to maintain operational continuity and leverage existing investments and tools, while benefiting from the agility, speed, and automation of the cloud.

By reading this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • What kind of infrastructure ensures agility, intelligence, and on-demand capacity to innovate at speed?
  • How to power your business with secure, global infrastructure?
  • How to put VMware Engine to use with smarter ways to innovate and operate?

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