June 5, 2020

Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory firm, has just released their 2020 Marketplace Report.  For the third year in a row, Adastra has been named one of their top Master Data Management External Service Providers. Gartner’s Guide outlines numerous ESPs available on the current market and provides recommendations for organizations looking to augment their MDM initiatives. It discusses the importance of acquiring external support to contend with the growing necessity for robust expertise and skills in the evolving digital business climate.

“Data and analytics leaders responsible for MDM and information governance programs as part of their data and analytics strategies should engage an external service provider (ESP) with the appropriate skills and experience as a proven way to fast-track the success of MDM implementations,” states Gartner’s MDM ESP Market Guide.

Adastra’s three-year consecutive streak of receiving this recognition demonstrates its reputation as a leading provider of data expertise and specialized services. It continues to provide high caliber data management and governance solutions for top clients in the manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare industries, among others.

“Adastra’s MDM methodologies are continuously improving by adding new technologies and developing new accelerators and models. They strive to answer different business questions and landscapes.

Adastra Bulgaria is part of that journey. We have serviced a number of international MDM projects last year and we are proud to have our methodologies and dedicated work recognized worldwide.”, Irina Pavlova, Governance Practice Lead, Adastra Bulgaria

Adastra offers an extensive variety of MDM capabilities and accelerators, across all industries and platforms. Including but not limited to: MDM Technology Evaluation, MDM Business Case, Strategy and Roadmap, Governance for MDM, and Managed Services for MDM on Cloud. Adastra has developed domain-specific MDM model accelerators, and MDM templates for financial, retail, automotive, and healthcare industries, among others. They also continue to extensively develop and provide methodologies for iterative and scalable MDM solution planning and implementation, as well as accelerators for data quality, matching and merging rules, and AI and ML Augmented Stewardship.

“To really unlock the value in your Digital Transformation, you need to uncover those hidden connections and relationships within the data that is core to your business; your Master data.

MDM will aim to manage those relationships that is critical your organizations success, by providing consistent, reliable, and governed information. Leveraging expertise and thought leadership by an ESP will only increase your chances of success, as they will help you discover insight out of chaos.”, Rahim Hajee, Governance and Digital Transformation Practice Lead, Adastra

For over 20+ years, Adastra continues to innovate, creating new methodologies and best practices centered around Machine Learning capabilities for self-healing and improved data, setting the foundation for enterprise data strategies. With these foundations in place, organizations can accelerate analytics, extract valuable insights, and deploy advanced models with their information. Adastra is leading the way in Data & AI Digital transformation with MDM and Data Governance at its core.


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