January 7, 2022

What a way to hit the new year. Adastra has been recognized as the global top data analytics company by Clutch – a business management consulting company based in Washington, D.C.

This recognition comes at the heels of a challenging, yet highly productive 2021 year. It is the voice of our happy clients that made this possible. Our customers’ success has always been top priority. That is why we truly appreciate all the positive vibes and gratitude given back to us. Thank you!

We will continue to deliver tailored and high-quality data analytics services to support your digital transformation and innovation endeavors.

Top data analytics companies by Clutch.

Success stories

Being a global leader in BI and Data Analytics comes with a lot of hard work and success stories. Our strategic partnerships with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud enable us to cover the full spectrum of data analytics services. We are helping organizations transform how they do business by enabling data-driven decisions based on actionable insights. Sharing a couple of these stories below.

10x Increase in Productivity with an AWS Data Lake Implementation

Technologies crafted: AWS | Python | boto3

Industry: Healthcare

Business case

A North American Health group was struggling with consolidating their accounting reporting as the group consists of a number of companies and clinics each of them using different accounting software solutions. The group was also looking at a centralized repository for storing and reporting on their EMR data (Electronic Medical Records).

Data Analytics Solution

Adastra’s data analytics solution is comprised of two major components – a data lake to store any data, in any format, from any source and a Redshift data warehouse which sources data from the data lake and hosts a robust integrated data model, allowing for consolidated reporting. The predefined reports are implemented using AWS QuickSight.

Advanced cloud analytics with AWS Data Lake implementation - solution architecture.

15x Faster Reporting with a Cloud Business Intelligence System

Technologies crafted: AWS | Tableau

Industry: Automotive

Business Case

Our client needed a centralized, cloud-based repository to track and discuss brand financial performance worldwide. Executives, Brand Owners and Sales Directors wanted to make informed decisions and have advanced data analytics at the tip of their fingers. Our team had to consolidate various data sources into a single data warehouse and deploy dashboards that answer business critical questions.


A full self-sustainable business intelligence system where multiple level of users can interact, explore, and visualize vitally important data about their business. The cloud-based Tableau site offers everything from user upload and automatic data cleanse portal to algorithmic statistical insights and dynamic user interface. A data analytics at its greatest.

AWS data lake workflow architecture.

25% Shipping Cost Optimization for Supply Chain

Technologies crafted: Azure | Power BI

Industry: Logistics

Business case

Our client wanted to enable intelligent retail by leveraging Microsoft Power BI to power the company’s cloud-native retail order management data analytics. The global provider of transformative supply chain solutions had more than 40 merchants using separate SQL databases (DBs) which had to be combined in a single Data Warehouse in order to enhance comprehensive customized reporting for Supply Chain Management.

Data Analytics Solution in the Cloud

Adastra developed an Azure Data Warehouse solution that facilitates advanced data analytics using Microsoft Power BI. The solution consolidates all customer’s Azure databases in a single Azure Data Warehouse. Our team developed a process that mirrors the original data into Azure Synapse Analytics

We created Azure Analysis Services Tabular Model to ensure optimal performance for all calculations and reporting. Below you can see an animated illustration of the solution.

8x Faster Reporting with a DWH Solution in Azure Cloud

Technologies crafted: Azure | Power BI

Industry: Energy and Utilities

Business Case

The customer was spending a lot of man hours collection, curating, and cleaning up data to get it ready for reporting.

Solution: Data Analytics in Azure Cloud

Adastra developed a scalable end-to-end Azure Data Platform. It integrated large amounts of both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources a unified data warehouse which was going to be a single source of truth.

Cloud data warehouse architecture Gif

Technologies crafted: AWS, Tableau, Grafana

Industry: Automotive

Business Case

A leading automotive group was pursuing faster data processing, seamless remote access, and enhanced reporting. A lot of data is generated by the constantly growing number of car IT services. The big data analysis of this data is important to the automotive manufacturer in order to continuously improve the customer experience and achieve faster time-to-market for new features at optimized cost.

Solution: Big Data Analytics

Our team migrated the existing Big Data analytics platform entirely to the cloud (AWS). The S3-based data store was optimized according to the world’s best practices. The raw data is ingested from multiple sources in different formats and stored in S3 landing buckets.

Big data analytics architecture in AWS.

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About Adastra

Adastra is a global leader in information management and data analytics. By providing tailored Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, RPA, Digital, and Governance services and solutions, Adastra helps enterprises leverage data that they can control and trust, connecting them to their customers – and their customers to the world.

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