RPA Effort Estimation Template

Need help with estimating efforts for your next RPA project? Stay cool, we’ve got you covered.

About the guide

Let’s imagine you have already identified a process applicable for automation, passed the feasibility check and everyone is eager to see what the RPA outcome will look like. But before you reach the delivery point and provide your customer with the expected results, you would have to name the price.

Everyone involved with product delivery in the IT world will tell you that estimations are always incorrect. Initially agreed amount of man hours are never enough. If you have been at least once in a situation to explain to your customers why you need more time (and money), then you most certainly want to avoid the tension, finger crunching and giving excuses for the times ahead.

I’ve been in your shoes so many times that feel obliged to share my personal experience. Downloading this effort estimation template will help you boost your skill to identify pitfalls you might fall into before you even start with the RPA development.

Why Download the RPA Effort Estimation Template?

  • Estimate efforts related to the BPA stage (workshops, process standardization, process modeling, process definition document, etc.).
  • Estimate efforts for the entire RPA development lifecycle.
  • Estimate efforts for managing the entire project delivery.
  • Get a combined view of all hours estimated per seniority at one place.
  • Customize it as per your tailored RPA delivery approach.

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About the author

Peter Pavlov has been growing his expertise in the IT field for more than 13 years. During that time, he has had a hands-on experience in various sectors of the economy like Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing and Automotive.

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Peter Pavlov

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Peter has been specializing in Robotic Process Automation for 5 years now. Recently, he has been crafting RPA solutions that brought tremendous outcomes for leading players in Automotive, Logistics, Procurement and Finance industries.