What Is Microsoft’s Power Platform? Tools That Allow You to Democratize Data

Democratize your data and increase solution accuracy and efficiency with Adastra on Microsoft’s Power Platform

The Need for Data Democratization and No-Code/Low-Code Tools

Data democratization is the ongoing process of making sure everyone in an organization not only has access to data but can also understand it and make meaningful, informed decisions with it, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

Many organizations have great ideas about how to automate processes or create applications to improve business procedures, but they lack the technical skill to execute their ideas. Performing tasks manually without code can be very laborious and time-consuming, wasting valuable resources.

As a result, many organizations are adopting low-code platforms like Microsoft’s Power Platform to share data across their organization and resolve simple challenges, with or without technical expertise: to automate processes, develop applications, analyze data and create bots.

What Is Power Platform?

Power Platform is a set of low-code software applications developed by Microsoft to create flexible and efficient business solutions. Each of the tools in Microsoft’s Power Platform are designed to easily integrate with each other, as well as with Microsoft 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps.

Organizations who implement Power Platform see cost and time savings from lowering development costs, as well as making time-consuming business processes more efficient.

An example of an Adastra Power BI dashboard.

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