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Mobile-First Generations and Their Influence on Technology- John Yawney’s Take in Payments Business Magazine

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Adastra’s Analytics Lead, John Yawney, speaks about the Millennial and Gen Z consumers, also referred to as mobile-first generations, who have redefined the need and purpose of technological advancement.

His article Gaining Edges with the Mobile First Generations was published in Payments Business Magazine and highlights the effects of accelerating, changing consumer behaviour trends and the challenges companies face to ensure secure frictionless payments.

John discusses the technological advantages of companies such as Apple, Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger, which had launched, developed and prevailed during the Gen Z era. He provides an overview of recommended strategies for banks and payment processors to utilize, relating to data services and identifying the potential for rapid growth and increased capabilities.

Gaining Edges with the Mobile First Generations can be found in the Payments Business Magazine on p. 19-20 here.

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