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Rogers Bank Leaps 442% in Customer Acquisitions with Cloud

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Adastra develops Payments Card Analytics Platform providing a comprehensive overview of consumer data.

At a glance: 

Rogers Communications is a Canadian powerhouse in telecommunications and media services. They have conquered the realm of broadcasting, established a strong presence in sports and entertainment, and in 2013 they expanded to establish their very own Rogers Bank. The institution provides consumers with credit card services through Mastercard and currently offers three different types of cards under Fido Rewards, Platinum Mastercard and World Elite Mastercard.  


Since the time of its inception, Rogers Bank leveraged an analytics platform for its payment processing solutions, which it quickly outgrew. Rogers realized the platform wasn’t as powerful, adaptable and user-friendly as they had anticipated. The platform informed them of general credit card details however neglected to provide a holistic overview of the customers’ information, which was essential for them to understand customer behaviour and trends. It was good, but they needed it to be more than that. They needed it to be robust and for that, they needed Adastra.  


The golden solution: 

During the initial years of Rogers Bank, we provided feedback and recommendations about their existing analytics platform however our client was not prepared to make any changes. Fast forward to 18 months later, when Rogers Bank decided they needed our assistance in implementing a new data-warehousing solution. Lucky for them, we had already built an off the shelf, hosted card analytics platform utilizing Microsoft Azure and Power BI. By tailoring the platform and implementing it for their specific requirements, we were able to provide Rogers Bank with a cohesive Payment Card Data Warehouse. Having previously worked with Adastra gave Rogers the confidence to engage in a partnership on another project and they were thrilled with the results. Rogers Bank was ideally searching for a hosted-managed solution however they faced a dilemma of competitors who could not provide one, which were already supported. This forced them to implement the solutions themselves, increasing their workload and additional time they didn’t have. Adastra consultants are information experts with a concrete background in credit card space, with the edge and ability to provide the optimal solution. We knew about Rogers data, had experience with TSYS data and had roots planted within the financial sectors of various banks. We were it.  


Rewarding results:  

The effects of the newly integrated platform developed by Adastra’s team was astounding. After implementation of our Payment Card Analytics platform, within a 3.5-year period, Rogers Bank had experienced a five-fold increase in consumer acquisition. The solution captured a 360-degree set of data around the customer, allowing Rogers Bank to view the entirety of a consumer’s card portfolio and identify predictable future risk and opportunities through at-a-glance analytics.

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