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Limitless Possibilities With Data Lake Architecture

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Adastra Big Data experts prevail in an architectural challenge, guiding TD on a journey to greatness.

The Client: 

TD Canada Trust, formerly known as Canada Trust, is one of Canada’s top five financial institutions, since 1864. TD provides a wide range of banking services to its consumer base of 10 million and operates across multiple channels including, 1100 branches.  

For some time, TD Canada Trust sought to build a Big Data Lake to house the endless supply of data, which at the time was stored within outdated legacy systems. TD knew it existed but that was all; nothing was documented. As eager as they were to develop this Big Data Lake, they refrained from haste with the goal of getting it right the first time. They observed other financial institutions’ methods of applying a data-first approach, loading data and modelling it after to determine its outcome and meaning and was weary about the numerous false starts and stops. TD needed someone to architect a Data Lake and implement it for each line of business. They reached out to two different vendors who disappointed them in their answers. One, it was impossible and two, it was too costly and required millions of dollars without a guarantee of a successful outcome.  


Search for Solution: 

Financial institutions were stumped on the mystery of how to build a Data Lake of collective data that was organized and coherent. Through existing contacts and from a past conversation with TD regarding several proposed projects, Adastra was highly aware of their data needs and an organic idea of initiating a Data Lake project quickly evolved. TD was amidst creating the architecture for a Data Lake and consulted with Adastra experts to evaluate the design. Our experts assessed the support, practicality and functionality of the design. Upon receiving our feedback, they took our recommendations with confidence and began their journey to architecting their Data Lake. 


The Solution: 

Adastra Big Data experts narrowed in on a small project to start, analyzing and verifying the architectural design for a Data Lake in a timely manner and at a fixed price. Since TD did not have a defined process or the supporting documentation we required, we resourced any information we could find by actively visiting their SharePoint and developed a proper solution. Through trial and error, we established a methodology, enabling us to repeat the process. Our success led to the possibility of creating and implementing further Data Lake architectures for TD to apply in other lines of businesses.  

In a flash, or a mere 6 weeks to be more specific, Adastra’s Big Data experts made it possible for TD to aggregate and share their data across different sectors of the bank, replacing inaccessible smaller data warehouses. We journeyed with TD from the unknown to a world of data possibilities right at home. TD can now operate ahead of its competitors and accelerate their Big Data initiatives throughout the bank enabling use of their data in preparation of analytics for machine learning and leveraging their data for projects.  


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