Hadoop Increases Big Data Efficiency at 99.3% in Immense Reward Merger

Adastra’s Big Data experts create a fast, functional and fluid data ingestion flow to assist in combining customer loyalty programs.

The Client:

As a large prestigious retailer in Canada, our client offers products and services within a range of industries and under an array of brands, continuously exploring innovative ways to preserve customer loyalty while attracting new potentials.

With our client’s sales on a steady rise, consumers were hungry for faster rewards. They wanted the convenience of earning points with full flexibility, pushing our client to make the decision of amalgamating their two major specialty reward programs into one card. Our client strived to preserve a strong relationship with their existing customers while instigating a foolproof strategy to combine and grow each reward program.


The data from our client’s reward programs was overflowing. They quickly realized the need for a new data hub to hold their Big Data and sought to architect a solution. Initially, another vendor was employed to load the loyalty program data, leveraging an ETL software, which extracted, transformed and loaded the data into a final destination. Our client turned to our experts to assess the tool and it wasn’t long before we found a hiccup in its performance. They were slightly apprehensive about our observation, believing it to be premature. But when the software proved incapable of delivering high volumes of transactions in a short amount of time, specifically speaking, a delivery of 20 million transactions within a 24-hour period, they realized a fix was needed and fast.

Search for a Solution:

Our Big Data consultants are not only technically skillful but are also intuitive. After proving our theory about the ETL tool, we were called upon to create a successful data integration solution. It would deliver Big Data to the data hub swiftly and reliably, minimizing loss of time. Adastra experts demonstrated their Big Data proficiency and immediately earned our client’s confidence. Not only did we architect an effective solution, we delivered a process that decreased data processing time from 24 hours to a staggering 10 minutes!

The Solution:

Our Adastra team is notorious for problem solving. Knowing it would be impossible to completely replace the ETL tool we utilized existing Hadoop components to substitute the poorly performing workflow and provided a data solution with better functionality in the span of 2 weeks! Our expertise of the solution resulted in the recognition of inefficiencies in existing solutions and led to the replacement of the tool for critical interfaces.

Benefits of Solution:

We made the idea of impossible obsolete and with the help of our data integration solution, our client successfully joined their affiliated reward programs in the requested timeframe. We provided a firm hand in maintaining consumer loyalty, providing them with value, convenience and peace of mind when making purchases. In turn, Adastra played a major role in helping our client achieve their goal and preserving lasting relationships with their customers.

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