Boosting Data Quality with 10X Greater Accuracy

The challenge:

The Pharmaceutical sector relies on continually evolving enhancements to technology to best meet the emerging needs of physicians and their patients. Companies are required to meet industry standards on how they store and manage data on regions, customers, demographics, etc. Certain data inputs are consistent across the industry, yet how each organization internally analyzes the data is different. AstraZeneca’s former system was becoming outdated and inadequate in a rapidly evolving environment. They needed an innovative solution that would generate more reliable data, to better inform their decision making and strategic direction.

Solution searching:

AstraZeneca sought a new solution. To their dismay, the process of developing, designing and implementing the solution extended their delivery time with minimal progression toward their goal. They didn’t want to waste any more time. They needed expert help fast. Adastra had a prior relationship with AstraZeneca and was immediately brought onboard to review the suggested solution and validate its authenticity. Following an initial investigation, we determined the solution was far from close to completion; instead, it was still stuck in its initial stages. We knew the onus was on us to resolve their quandary and so the quest for a new solution commenced.

The solution:

Time was of the essence. Our original solution presented an 8-12 month delivery time, which was reasonable enough to get the job done. To our client, however, it was a waiting game; they needed it in 6 months. The solution required a different strategy. We received enormous amounts of data and had the grueling task of analyzing it with achievable scope, but before it could be implemented, it had to be defined. Originally, the data warehouse was platformed on AWS and transitioned onto Redshift, which was a new opportunity for us. We quickly learned the key differences between the two platforms and conversations surrounding scope, definition, attainability, and success were driven.

Now, Adastra is no stranger to constricted timelines. In fact, the opposite can be said. We prevail under pressure. Instead of proceeding with the original plan, we divided each task into phases to ensure completion within the allotted time; transitioning from problem to opportunity. Throughout our data journey, our experts communicated each step of our engagement, providing trustworthy insights with reliable, foolproof results. We offered guidance and suggestions on important decisions, which have led AstraZeneca to continue to reach out to us for strategic counsel and support.

Benefits of the solution:

Our client was very pleased to learn that approximately 175 unique data quality issues had been resolved thanks to Adastra’s solution. The output of the report within the new system versus the legacy system had an accuracy that was 10 times greater. Similar elements from relevant data sources were properly examined and provided clarity and validation. As a result, what became published was a precise number instead of what our client was used to.

AstraZeneca was impressed with our expertise in delivering our alternative strategies for a solution. We shifted from the initial request for a solution that required additional time and costs, to one with a tactical design difference, enabling on-time delivery and cost efficiency with spectacular results. Our client was appreciative of what they learned through their experience with us and, by adopting the solution without future modifications, can now propel their business forward.

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