Your payment cards portfolio generates a huge amount of data. Data that is stored across multiple platforms and in many different formats. Making sense of this information and deploying it to help your business better manage risk, make wise investment decisions regarding sales and usage campaigns and to really understand where your cards portfolio generates the most profitability is a challenge that is shared by almost every cards issuer.

Adastra Card Analytics uses state of the art data modelling technology to not only consolidate this information but to also deliver to you interactive dashboards and reports that help you to analyze the data that is important to you without having to allocate precious resources to create time consuming and out of date spreadsheets or reports.

The Adastra Card Analytics Solution:

  • Manages risk by identifying developing trends in fraudulent and delinquent account behavior
  • Increases sales effectiveness by analyzing sales channel and campaign performance and in identifying seasonality in cardholder spend patterns
  • Drives profitability by informing product management where your revenue comes from and how changes in interest rates and interchange impact product performance
  • Informs Management with up to date metrics that cover profitability, performance and at risk behaviors
  • Predicts future trends by analyzing market events and changes and the impact these can have on future profitability

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