The Data Warehouse developed and designed exclusively on the Cloud for the Cloud.

There are numerous challenges brought upon by legacy systems running on on-premise networks, from over-complexity to high costs. As you migrate to the Cloud, we will help you implement a Data Warehouse that works best for your organization, as a key step in your Digital Transformation Journey.

Snowflake is the modern data warehouse that is designed exclusively for the Cloud. It is the first Datawarehouse as a Service (DWaaS) of its kind, touting several benefits such as high scalability and elasticity. It is supported across Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP, bringing you a cost-effective solution where you only pay for the space you use, and for the time that you use it, while demonstrating impressive performance.

As a leading multi-cloud service and solutions provider, Adastra has embarked on a strategic partnership with Snowflake. Our architects will help your organization to implement Snowflake, leveraging its greatest assets and ensuring your operation runs smoothly.


Unlimited Concurrency

With a multi-cluster, shared data architecture, it enables multiple compute clusters to operate simultaneously on the same data.


With automated tuning, there is no need for manual work or to deploy a hardware or software.


Scale up or down, on the fly, depending on your current business needs.


Snowflake allows for instant elasticity with its unique architecture, separating compute from storage.

Zero-copy cloning

Instant data cloning for test/development environments

Pay as you go

Only pay for the capacity you are using, and for time you use it.

All Data in one location

Semi-structured and Structured Data in one SQL database.

Secured Data Sharing

Seamless data sharing without the need for copying, transferring or transforming data.

Adastra will assist your organization throughout each step of your digital transformation journey, as you transition from a traditional data warehouse. Whether your operation is a hybrid, cloud or multicloud, we will not only ensure highly efficient and effective processes that garner ROI.

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