Focus on Core Competencies to Ensure Success

Timely delivery of high quality information is, without a doubt, vital to the success and longevity of any business. As the data collected and processed by siloed and legacy systems increases in volume and complexity, the challenges to meet evolving information requirements become more and more costly for organizations to handle on their own.

The laws of economics dictate that concentrating on core competencies is the path to success; and the core competencies of most organizations do not include Information Management (IM).

That's where Adastra comes in. As the experts in Information Management, we provide the expertise in our core competency. While we deliver best-in-class IM solutions for your organization, your internal resources can focus on their core competencies. The result: your organization is more effective and competitive and successful.


The cost savings of using specialists to deliver projects without having to manage or worry about balancing skills and duties of your internal staff are compounded by the advent of CLOUD SOLUTIONS.

By taking advantage of the scalability and on-demand service of cloud-based solutions, prohibitive infrastructure costs simply disappear, putting cutting-edge solutions within the grasp of any organization, not just the largest.


Changing the way your organization does business can be daunting, but it can be managed effectively using the right approach. Depending on the needs of your organization, a phased or trial approach can ease the transition by moving small portions or subject areas of a particular function to the new model.  As success is proven and becomes measurable, the transition, partnership, and benefits will grow.

The same applies to adoption of the cloud: organizations can choose any combination of cloud and ground that best suits the culture of the organization. For example, one could employ the cloud for select data sets or reporting services, leaving the physical servers to store historical data.