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Organizations across all industries are looking to digital solutions to become more lean and agile, aiming to reduce costs while getting ahead of their competitors.

 With the rise of Digital Transformation, most documentation processes have entirely shifted to digital mediums garnering benefits such as increased editability and accessibility. Yet, in some cases, print documents continue to be necessary or have not yet reached their instance of transformation.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the process of converting scanned print documents or images with text into digital text formats, proposes numerous applications, namely data entry and data extraction from paper documents. Relying solely on print documents proposes several challenges, including information search and storage. With the power of OCR, you will be able to efficiently convert print to text, allowing for easier traceability, searchability and editability. Additionally, an OCR solution will free your employees from tedious manual transcription, saving on both time and costs.


Ensuring robust traceability, digital documents can be easily edited and re-formatted, depending on the task at hand.


Digital documents are highly accessible, making information look-up quick and efficient

Storage Optimization

Improves both security and safety of high-stake documents, while reducing the need for physical storage space


Reduces the need for manual transcription, reducing time and costs

With Adastra as your partner in your Digital Transformation Journey, we will develop a tailored OCR solution that will meet your specific business needs. Leveraging OCR, our experts will help your organizations to not only automate your document transcription processes, reducing the need for human involvement, but we will enable you to effectively extract data, allowing you to uncover missed opportunities and generate useful insights that will supercharge your business.

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