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From health care to retail, digital enterprises throughout every industry are building and deploying blockchain technology to secured their business operations.

Adastra develops transparent and secure solutions from the time of conceptualization throughout development and implementation. With a focus on state-of-the-art data services, we deliver dynamic and tailored solutions to solve the complex problems of today’s enterprises.



Generally, centralized databases are more susceptible to breaches and malicious activities. However, blockchains decentralize data and set powerful encryption mechanisms. On the chain every “block” is cryptographically linked to each other using a hash value. A change to content would result in a direct change to the hash as well as the hashes of the following block.


With Adastra Blockchain, your data is distributed to all parties of the ledger and grants instant access to specific information. This makes data transparent, reliable and definite source of trust.


Blockchain records and stores every transaction occurring on the network. It enhances auditability because the data is validated and traceable. In addition, data on the blockchain is accountable since it is immutable in nature.

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