How E-commerce Companies Can Maintain a Solid User Engagement

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Mobile apps enable e-commerce companies to diversify their modes of selling. However, despite the many advantages, businesses are struggling to maintain user engagement and retention. Similar to in-store and website planning, mobile apps require specific strategies to operate successfully. Below are important requirements every enterprise should consider when developing their app. 

Customize your app designs

Mobile applications, which are designed without any prior thought or planning will render negative results. There is a high tendency for e-commerce businesses to create mobile versions of a website, by cramming the features and visuals into a smaller screen, leading to a poor user experience. Different platforms require different application designs to engage users and provide opportunities for retention. Having to jump from one page to another, pinching and expanding the page and maneuvering through a sea of information on a smaller screen, decreases consumers’ confidence in the performance of the app.

Personalize your apps

The simplicity of purchasing through multiple channels (social media), requires businesses to create an incentive and demand for their users to download their apps. Ensuring the application and related content are relevant is important for users to continue engaging with the app without the urge to abruptly uninstall. E-commerce companies should enhance and update their apps according to consumer feedback, while remaining intuitive and responsive, demonstrating their ability to adapt.

Simplify the experience

The last few years have transitioned how retailers market and sell products from in-store to online and now mobile applications. Optimal approaches on how to deliver customer satisfaction in such a small user-space has been a learning experience for many e-commerce companies. Though many have acted on the received feedback, there are still companies that require a bit more urgency when it comes to change. The browsing experience is important for consumers, however, purchasing can be a nuisance when companies make it compulsory to checkout using an account. More businesses are adopting self-checkout as guest, with the surge of negative feedback. Consumers have also questioned the need to retype an address in the shipping field if it is the same as the billing address, instead of an option stating, same as billing address. Vague error messages, which don’t properly explain what went wrong in the order process or have missing information, can be the most aggravating. Without advising the proper instructions, users remain stuck in the checkout page and often give up.

Optimize your app listing

Ensure your app is identifiable. The more e-commerce apps which are developed, the harder it becomes for your app to stand out. For users to easily find your app on Android and iOS devices, selecting relevant terms and phrases are important. What’s in a name? Everything! The name of your app is a reflection on what your brand represents and how you intend to portray its services to its users. Choosing a name that is trendy and captures immediate attention, without sounding wordy is key. Descriptions are also important. Overly descriptive explanations of the app’s functions and superior performance are unnecessary. Stick to the point and utilize a combination of an exciting tone with keywords to emphasize its unique qualities. Use SEO tools to find out applicable and relevant keywords. Market your app strategically with a detailed plan that establishes the problem it solves for its users; how it differs from other apps in a similar category; interesting features users will pay for, etc. Visual elements, such as icons, videos, and screenshots assist in brand recognition and user attraction. Collecting feedback and reviewing stats to learn about your apps’ strengths and weaknesses will allow you to understand what future changes to make. As your users notice changes and updates related to their feedback, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand and app. 

Prioritize push notifications 

Abusing the use of push notifications immediately deters users from continuing with your app. Companies automatically assume that users will select the opt-out of option for notifications, alleviating the distress of popups, however, if the notifications are synced to text and email, it doesn’t necessarily stop the overload of messages delivered to your inbox. That alone is enough for users to uninstall the app completely. E-commerce businesses need to develop beneficial tactics behind application alerts and their frequency. They should only notify users for reasons they would immediately want to address and consider as important pieces of information.

Invest in email marketing

Email marketing has proven to increase the success rates of digital campaigns. Enterprises must establish a well-defined approach, outlining the mandate of the campaign and demonstrating how email marketing will deliver on these initiatives. The email name for the dedicated app should be recognizable, and maintain a level of professionalism, regardless of the campaign’s intentions. Ensure the subject line is relevant, grabs attention and entices the recipient. Email marketing is a highly personalized form of contacting prospects, in that it communicates directly with the intended recipient. Therefore, the design and content of the email should be personal as well. Include the appropriate call to action buttons or steps required from the recipient, should he or she be interested, and remember to make it easily distinguishable from the rest of the email content. 

The popularity of e-commerce mobile applications is increasing at a competitive rate. Therefore, it is imperative that the process of design, implementation and effective marketing is diligent, not only to attract new users but to retain them. User loyalty isn’t guaranteed based on the rates of installation and applications can be deactivated just as easily as they are installed. Engage users with apps that meet their full expectations. Let us show you how.