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Achieve 4X Results With Personalized Marketing Videos

What Is AmetIO?

Personalized & AI-driven videos, Ametio integrates with your CRM to dynamically align with your marketing communications. Whether the goal is to sell, cross-sell, upsell or renew existing customers, Ametio will increase your ROI vs. your traditional marketing channels.


AI-Powered Campaigns: Ametio AI will learn from your aggregated campaign performance to identify opportunities for optimization such as send time, engagement, and customer segmentation.

Scaled Personalization: CRM data populates unlimited dynamic fields to create a hyper personalized video messaging.

Advanced Monitoring and Analytics: With advanced visualization and analytics supporting Ametio, you can monitor your campaign KPI’s to continuously improve and modify. 

Cloud Powered: Powered by cloud computing and the power of your data. 




Explain relevant services and procedures with personal messaging.


The customer will understand the product better via custom video.


Send personalized promotions and customer appreciations to encourage loyalty.

Customer Care

Communicate account changes and general news.

New Customer Acquisition

Focus on relevant products and services to new leads.

Many More...


For a limited time, send your first Ametio campaign, including 10,000 videos, basic video production and all setup costs for only $10,000!

Standard Pricing

Per Video $0.57 / Video
100,000 videos $0.37 / Video
500,000 videos $0.29 / Video
1,000,000 videos $0.25 / Video
Campaign Setup $3,000

What Our Customers Say

We were looking for a way to improve the effectiveness of our email communication to our customers. Our first marketing campaign with Ametio resulted in 4 times our regular rate of acquisitions! We are excited to continue to have AmetIO as part of our marketing communication strategy moving forward.

Jakub Peterka

Jakub Peterka

Senior Online Marketing Specialist, T-Mobile Czech Republic

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Marcos Da Silva

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Samuel Lau

CEO, Proboston

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