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AI & Analytics

Simulation and Optimization

The insights, trends, and reports obtained using data analytics can be leveraged to fuel optimization and simulation models that can suggest and/or make the optimal decisions for your business automatically. These models can be developed and customized to find the best ways to maximize profit, minimize costs, or optimize any other objective you might have.

You can trust our experts to design optimization models using advanced mathematical techniques such as Operations Research and Heuristic Optimization Algorithms to find the best decisions for any of your business problems. Our team can also create simulations of your processes, analyze and show you bottlenecks using them, and even provide you with the virtualized outcomes of the suggested optimization decisions.


Maximized Profitability

Improve your business systems in a smart and automated way to increase revenue and reduce your costs, leading to maximized profits.

Decision Support

Automate analytics-heavy decision-making through an advanced optimization model, relieving decision-makers.

Real-Time Tracking

Simulate your business systems to show you potential bottlenecks visually, and provide information around future issues.

Time Efficient

Finding optimal decisions to complex systems/problems within a fraction of time compared to multiple humans.


Process Simulation

Simulating one or several business processes to analyze bottlenecks, provide insights, and showcase optimization impacts.

Operations Research

Mathematically modeling certain processes using custom targets (objective functions) and business rules (constraints), and solving these models to provide optimal decision sets for your business.

Heuristic Algorithms

Using advanced computer science algorithms to develop real-time decision support systems for your business in real-time.

Application Areas

Portfolio Optimization

Finding the best combination of product offerings or investment opportunities for you, based on your client data, augmented with external data sources such as geospatial economics and development, credit scores, and more.

Vehicle Routing

Using advanced optimization models to direct your logistics/transportation fleet in a way that maximizes your profit and minimizes the travel time/expenses. In addition, helping your business reduce its carbon footprint by reducing total travel distance.

Logistics/Warehouse Simulation and Optimization

Optimizing your entire warehouse operations, from picking of items, to material routing within the warehouse and packing the shipments into optimal pallets/packages, minimizing lead times and costs. Additionally, we can simulate the solution within the warehouse environment to prove the performance improvements, as well as providing a real-time visual of your operations.

Manufacturing Systems Simulation and Optimization

Optimizing your manufacturing systems, from intra-factory flow improvements, to process optimizations within each machine and workbench. Also, implementing real-time quality control mechanisms through image processing of the production lines, as well as showing potential machine failures ahead of time using preventative maintenance and real-time sensor data.

Inventory Optimization

Determining the best levels of inventory for each SKU using seasonal demand data, combined with advanced forecasting models. Helping your business reduce its warehouse storage costs and decrease lead-times while increasing demand coverage.

Mixed-Media Marketing / Shelf Design Optimization

Finding best product placements within your shelf-space or your marketing fliers/website, based on advanced AI models that use historical sales data to discover which products go well together. Additionally, optimizing sales strategies around which products to discount and bundle, and when to implement them during the year to maximize the expected revenue.


Our simulation and operations research experts can develop complete optimization pipelines for any business process. First, we meet with you to discuss your specific problem and use case to determine the best approach that suits your concerns. Then, we implement the project in 3 primary phases:


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