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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing remains to be one of the most applicable and powerful solutions across numerous industries. Adastra will help you garner value from your text data, enabling informed decision-making and uncovering hidden opportunities.

Adastra's data science team develops powerful models, which can recognize text, understand intent and sentiment, and make predictions based on the analyzed text. The use of tools such as Natural Language Processing frameworks provides substantial results in a matter of moments. Our tailored Text Mining solutions can process text in the form of emails, telephone calls, CRM entries, reviews, and more, allowing you to derive valuable data, enabling effective decision-making across numerous use cases as well as powerful search functionality.


Multivariate Text Classifications

Have the power to classify or label your text inputs without having any manual interaction in a matter of moments.

Digitizing Records

Reduce the costs and risks of storing paper documents. Digitizing records enables controlled accessibility and increased efficiency.

Entity Recognition

Create a powerful model to understand the meaning behind the text, such as who a person is, locations tagging, and what the intent was of the sentence.

Report Enhancement

Leverage text mining and analysis techniques to provide additional context and enhance conventional descriptive reports.


Natural Language Processing

Our models can extrapolate meaning and patterns of text within a variety of documents, which can be used for future predictive analysis. Natural language processing can be leveraged to sort through vast quantities of documents and help support decision-making processes within your organization.

Sentiment Analysis

Improve your ability to understand how your customers feel about your products or services. Leveraging sentiment analysis, you can analyze social media posts that mention your organization or summarize review/survey content to gain an honest view of your customers’ opinions. Our solution will allow you to infer emotions and to align and prioritize content to positive and negative sentiment. This data can be tracked and utilized to improve your offerings, increasing customer satisfaction. 

Enhanced Fraud Detection

Process documents quickly, such as claims, while uncovering those that are fraudulent to prevent any unnecessary losses. Our text analytics solutions can be implemented to uncover any nuances that could be missed due to human error. Recognizing fraudulent behaviors with text analysis will allow you to prevent fraudulent activity swiftly, leaving more time for real transactions and communications.

Customer Service

Enhance the services you provide to your customers by better understanding their feelings through various modes of communication, from customer service calls to inquiry forms or surveys. Our text mining solutions enable in-depth text analysis that allows for an automated response to any service issue your customers are experiencing. Enhancing your services with a text mining solution allows for a more efficient customer service process, freeing up time for more inquiries.



Use Case

Unstructured Document Mining and Consolidation


This client required ingesting unstructured documentation of their previous inspection reports to build a searchable repository to reference blueprints and files. The solution was required to be business accessible by creating a dashboard interface that would allow for various search criteria.


The text mining solution leveraged Apache POI to extract text from the unstructured sources as well as to obtain pertinent metadata.

Data was indexed through Solr and the end result was presented within a Power BI dashboard.

Captured the blueprint data and provided the flexibility to search via multiple filters and tags.


More than 80% of all existing inspection reports were successfully converted to a structured normalized database.

Business was able to perform fast searches through the database using various criteria.

All inspection results were easily accessible for further analysis.


1 Data Scientist and 1 Data Engineer


Only 4 months to completion

Inspection Reports

Successfully converted to structured normalized database

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