Financial regulatory requirements, as it pertains to risk management, continue to evolve as regulators seek to assess the impact of current strain on the financial system and economy and to tighten regulations, which subject financial institutions to certain requirements, restrictions, and guidelines.

Regulatory frameworks are designed to provide transparency via regular and ongoing financial and risk reporting. This brings focus for organizations to evaluate their current reporting infrastructure, and refine their tools and capabilities. Non compliance brings with it serious risks: fines and penalties, a compromised reputation, as well as overexposure to risk and serious profitability loss, or worse.

ABC risk management and regulatory solutions include projects streamlined to various regulatory requirements:

  • Basel II
  • Basel III
  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Risk Data Aggregation - BCBS239
  • Regulatory and Economic Capital calculation
  • Stress Testing

A significant lesson learned from the global financial crisis was that banks’ information technology and data architectures were inadequate to support the broad management of financial risks.


  • BCBS Principles and increased regulatory reporting
  • Increased regulatory supervision oversight

Financial Institutions' Challenges

  • Visibility of consolidated risk exposures
  • Inability to oversee risks
  • Financial stability of banks and financial system

Adastra Business Consulting has the resources and comprehensive knowledge of Risk Management solutions for financial institutions. We have highly developed expertise in the requirements regimes under which financial organizations operate. Together, Adastra and ABC understand the impacts to risk management groups and how to guide our clients through to compliance, providing the additional lasting value that comes from refined processes and streamlined infrastructure.