Under pressure to find efficiencies and overcome shrinking margins, many organizations are moving swiftly to digitalize and capitalize on information assets. They are eager to take advantage of big data and advanced analytics tools and solutions; however, to effectively implement these tools and solutions and ensure that they meet business goals, organizations need to examine how they operate.

The first step is to get a holistic view of your organization's business processes in order to identify, plan, and execute on opportunities for critical technology implementations, organizational business transformations and optimizations, and strategy operationalization initiatives.

Adastra Business Consulting employs a proprietary Business Process Engineering Methodology that helps our clients set and achieve operational goals. Our Methodology stands out in five key areas

An Expanded View of Business Architecture

Adastra’s BPE methodology goes beyond the simple assessment of a business process, and focuses on your organization’s ability to capitalize on its capabilities within the areas of information management, process efficiency and organizational design. We underscore the relationships and dependencies between architecture components in order to allow for successful business transformations and establish a centralized, synergized business architecture.

Detailed Business Process Modeling Methodology

Instead of the traditional (and ineffective) departmental approach, Adastra BPE organizes processes by function to capture the true nature of your business and understand the complex dependencies at play. We accurately identify real roles and responsibilities, and identify the integration between your technology landscape and business operations.

Innovative View of Organizational Information Flows

Adastra’s BPE Methodology incorporates key information-entity flows within your organization. Whereas they may be much less obvious than physical operations, these information flows are critical for the successful execution of key business processes. Layering this “information” view on top of your process operations allows us to understand information needs operationally in order to satisfy them technically

Advanced Methods of Business Process and Information Flow Analysis

Adastra BPE then leverages the collected knowledge to identify key inefficiencies, evaluate their impact, and transform them into opportunities for improvement. Adastra employs a number of advanced analysis methods to recommend business architecture changes that will fill the gaps, streamline processes, and enhance capability capitalization.

Bringing It All Together – a Flexible Approach to Business Transformation

Armed with the knowledge of your organizations’ unique operations, business architecture landscapes, challenges and goals, you are now uniquely positioned to support the transformation of your business.  We create an anticipated view of your business processes, and use a customized combination of linear engineering and reverse engineering to capitalize on known short-term goals and operationalize the big ideas.

With Adastra BPE you get an elaborate vision of your organization in the future, as well as detailed strategical and tactical plans and road maps to get you there. The best part – all of our plans are fully executable through the combination of Adastra’s many competencies.