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January 29th | Data Governance Workshop

Future-proof your organization with Data Governance!   In co-operation with …

Data Engineering

Efficient Data Engineering processes give your data velocity and structure it to create custom applications, answering unsolved questions and attaining business decisions faster

Lettuce is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food traceability

Food safety and trust have been top of mind given the recent incidents in the news. Marcos Da Silva covers Blockchain and food traceability and their impact on consumers.

Could Blockchain have prevented the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak?

Marcos Da Silva discusses the exciting revelation behind Blockchain’s new product tracing capabilities, ensuring consumers’ health and safety.

Transit Commuters Will Soon Thank IoT for a Safer Commute

Read how Adastra is using IoT to help a large transit agency keep commuters safe.

Rogers Bank Leaps 442% in Customer Acquisitions with Cloud

Learn how Adastra assisted Rogers Bank in tackling the challenges of a weak payments analytics platform, to rapidly multiply their business.

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