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Boosting Data Quality with 10X Greater Accuracy

AstraZeneca wins after obtaining 10 times greater data accuracy with Adastra’s Data Governance solution.

Agile Data Conversion- Vale Mining

Aligning with its goal to improve its Data & Analytics capabilities, Vale continues to strive to integrate its data and provide true global governance of its information assets.

January 29th | Data Governance Workshop

For data to deliver on its promise of valuable insights, it must be trusted, understood, and managed.
Learn how to quickly deploy a standard framework for establishing a Data Governance program in your organization in our workshop.

Metadata Management

Metadata Management combines policies, processes, and solutions for collecting, managing and sharing common business glossary, data definitions and lineage.

Reference Data Management

Reference data categorizes and provides context to information within a line of business or across the enterprise.

Master Data Management

On-time delivery of complete and accurate information is the foundation for today’s organizations.

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