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February 28 | SQL Migration workshop

On July 9, 2019, Microsoft support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end. This means the end of regular security updates. Adastra can help you migrate to 2018 versions of SQL to achieve greater security, performance and innovation. Don’t let your infrastructure and applications go unprotected.

Cloud Provider Evaluation

A Cloud-Provider evaluation allows organizations to choose an effective platform for their data evaluation strategy, based on specific criteria.

Managed Services

Managed services is the perfect solution to organizations’ disconcertments surrounding cost, quality assurance and risk management.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration transfers data from a remote database to the cloud or from one cloud environment to another.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud strategy is the guide for an enterprise roadmap of information, aligned with business needs and drivers.

Helping Enterprises Overcome Their Data Hurdles Together, One Solution at a Time

Recently, Rob Turner, Adastra’s VP of analytics and cloud, shared his insights on the evolving relationship and shared successes with Microsoft. He discussed the high points of our partnership and our implementation of their competitive software, to provide a wide range of solutions for client organizations in a variety of industries.

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