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Microsoft Power BI

Enable your organization with powerful insights that allow you to stay engaged with your customers and maintain business resiliency.

Relevant insights are the backbone of a data-driven organization. Leveraging the correct Business Intelligence (BI) platform can provide real-time insights across your enterprise; however, not all Business intelligence solutions are built the same. With Power BI your organization will leverage a unified platform for enterprise BI, easily accessed by every level of the organization, delivering clarity into your data and strong business value.

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Power BI Dashboard & Reports

Enable your organization to quickly address business critical questions, aligns actions to strategy and boost productivity.

Self-Serve Analytics

Enable end-users to make decisions based on their queries and analyses, freeing up the time of internal IT and BI teams.

Mobile BI

Bring analytics to any device with a BI Mobile Application.

Much More...

Adastra will work with your team to deliver intuitive insights, empowering your organization around Data. We will offer: 

  • a single view of your data 
  • insights across multiple devices
  • accessible and actionable insights
  • data democratization 
  • much more... 

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