Energy & Mining

Predictive Maintenance

Ensure your equipment health is always top of mind.

Unexpected equipment failures can have major cost implications in the energy and oil industry, ingimpact an organization’s ability to meet production targets and maintain worker safety. To avert downtime, managers need to identify defects in their equipment and proactively repair equipment before failures occur.

Utilizing your aggregated production data, Adastra will give you a real-time view of your equipment health throughout your supply chain, flagging when and where maintenance is needed; ensuring your equipment is always operating at optimal performance and costly mistakes are avoided. 


Increased Equipment Uptime

Perform preventative maintenance during scheduled downtime to maximize performance and uptime.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Minimize your checkups and maintenance fees with issue-based servicing.

Extend Equipment Life-cycle

Keep your equipment in top health, extending the equipment life cycle.

Worker Safety

Keep employees our of harms way by anticipating and adressing equipment malfunction.

Leveraging deep learning models, our experts will execute predictive analytics that will identify machine faults while monitoring their degrading health. With Adastra’s expansive knowledge in the energy and mining  industries and history of robust model development we help your organization maximize your profit and operational efficiency. Talk to our experts to learn how your organization can digitize your plant.

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Dilraj Sehdev


Dilraj Sehdev