Reference Data Management

Providing context to your data and decisions.


Think of the above scenario, and now think about everything you can do to avoid it from happening to your organization. With Reference Data Management (RDM), your information is classified and categorized to provide context across the enterprise to ensure data consistency. Managing sophisticated mappings between different reference data representations and hierarchies allows for inter-system communication. You don’t just wish for the success of your business, you have a plan in action to ensure it happens. Be attentive to the details of your data projects to avoid disasters and severe consequences.


You can easily avoid the hassle of a mess when dealing with your data by leveraging Reference Data Management. With a strong RDM strategy, you can obtain accurate consumption of data in your business applications, saving cost and risk associated with conflicting data. Take necessary precautions to ensure you have the most trusted and usable information to work with so you can confidently deliver reliable solutions and surpass customers’ expectations.


Information Management isn’t just one piece of the business, it is the business. At Adastra, we utilize our proven processes and methodologies to safeguard your data management strategy and ensure accurate categorization of your information for long-term success. We welcome tight timelines and anticipate obstacles with our A team. There isn’t one piece of detail that will go unnoticed.

“We failed our regulatory compliance check. We should have managed our reference data. Now we have to pay big!”

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