Data Governance

Better care for your greatest asset.


As your organization grows, you may get lost in the challenge of managing the large volumes and complexities of data. With improper handle and care, the value and integrity of data are quickly compromised- but no need to panic. Data Governance allows enterprises to build meticulous systems of people, processes, and technologies. By assigning organizational accountability to manage data assets, support strategies, and operations, it delivers exceptional value. There’s no limit to where you can take your business. With the best data, you’ll have endless opportunities to expand your customer outreach by providing the most accurate and sustainable solutions.


Data is your organization’s primary asset so let’s protect it. Safeguard your investment through Data Governance by developing standards, procedures and policies to preserve the health of your data sets. An enterprise Data Governance function ensures your data is trusted and understood, ultimately saving time and money when deploying technology to your business processes.  Don’t put your data at risk. Govern it the right way to produce optimal results and guarantee the success of your enterprise lasts.


Our experts will formalize your Data Management strategy and bring it to life by deploying Data Governance. Drawing on our deep experience in successful delivery, Adastra fits proven processes and methodologies to your organization’s specific challenges to ensure your information will support and drive your ongoing success.

Our Data Governance Services include:

  • Assess: High-level needs and capabilities assessments
  • Design: Planning and program definition
    • Discovery, scoping, and design
    • Vision, objectives, and organizational impact
    • Needs and priorities, functions and responsibilities, DG organization structure, roles and groups, operating model, initial required DG processes
  • Roadmap
    • Build: Implementation support and change Management
    • Plan and fill roles
    • Build and stand up DG function and organization
    • Business processes: right size and streamline, support through gating/approvals
    • Learn by doing: conduct pilot projects

“How do I get to the Cloud in one piece? Follow the Governance roadmap of course!”

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