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Tailoring Data Experiences To Drive Insights With Looker


22. 10. 2020, 13:00


1 Hour

Data and analytics is changing the way businesses run and empower decision makers. For large enterprises, pervasive analytics can provide the insight needed to improve cost, efficiency, productivity, and to direct day-to-day operations with tailored data experiences. 

With Looker, decision makers can gain access to information and insights, wherever they are at the time of decision, automate workflows, and even develop custom data driven applications on the platform. In partnership with Looker, Adastra will explore how Looker’s easy-to-deploy platform can enable organizations to frictionlessly access data, empowering them to create a data-driven organizational culture.  

By the end of the webinar, you will understand:

  • The value of analytics & data experiences for LoBs
  • How Looker differentiates itself in the BI Ecosystem
  • Easy-to-use applications and accelerators offered by Looker
  • Advanced BI use cases
  • How to get started



Alena Miazga

Alena Miazga

Practice Lead Business Intelligence
Eric Carr

Eric Carr

Sales Engineer, Looker

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