A mobile reporting platform solution is the recipe for your tools to work successfully within your organization’s operations. The platform will allow the various tools in your business to fluently converse, so data and databases are easily accessible.

Intro background


When Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer Volkswagen approached us, they requested a mobile reporting platform solution. Our goal was to create a platform that would allow them to integrate their current mobile reports from SAP Business Objects with their SharePoint data management system. Their current solution, application provided by SAP, had many limitations with a lack of development and documentation, limited functionalities and support, not being able to customize the reports, no user management, and one data source that cannot be integrated with other systems.

We wanted to create a mobile application that would be fully native to the major platform, while being secure overall with user defined roles and on-device security such as fingerprint/facial recognition. The app would also be able to work offline, and sync once the user connects to the network. As well as be user-friendly with a responsive design.

Mobile reporting - Current blockers


Developing a mobile reporting problem decreases costs of manual integration with solutions and document management systems. The platform integrates to your LDAP, SharePoint and others while running throughout your internal environment, and integrates with your BI tools, additionally providing customizability.

The platform performs best on tablets however phones can be used with current support for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and web browsers. Our mobile reporting platform saves your organization the time in combining all your mobile reporting solutions.

Mobile reporting - Integration & Platform


  • Native apps

    Fully native applications (iOS, Android, Windows)

  • Security upgrade

    Enhanced overall security (HW keys, RSA)

  • Accessibility

    User data input from the front‑end app

  • Personalization

    Customizable dashboards

Mobile reporting - Our solution's benefits
  • Customization

    Custom user management or defined user groups

  • Flexibility

    Integration of external data and file sources and other BI platforms

  • Built-in features

    Usage of mobile device’s built in features (Geolocation, Push notifications)

  • Offline support

    Full offline capabilities

  • Biometric authentication

    Device security (Face ID / Touch ID)

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