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Managed Services

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Introducing Managed Services

Successful businesses know their core competencies invest in them and focus on creating strategic differentiators around them. They also recognize the critical things they don’t want to be good at, and leverage great partners to fill the gaps. Every organization can benefit from world-class Data and AI solutions but not every organization has the top Data and AI skills or the infrastructure to support it.  Whether you’ve declared it as a non-core competency, or you’re still faking it until you make it, a Managed Services provider can provide critical Data and AI services and solutions to support your pursuit of greatness within your core competency.


The transformation to data-driven enterprises is being made by companies everywhere, however, due to limited in-house resources and expertise, they’re failing before they realize their competitive advantage. Don’t falter under the weight of your data challenges, your business shouldn’t suffer from lack of support. Breathe easy, knowing that your solutions are being hosted, managed and supported by experts with a passion for dataTake advantage of cost savings and use specialists to provide world-class services without worrying about balancing the skills and duties of your internal staff.  

How can we help

Adastra Managed Services specializes in operating and supporting Data and AI solutions. Our primary goal is to help enable our clients’ strategic objectives and provide them with peace of mind, ensuring the health and performance of their mission-critical data platforms. We tailor our services to meet each clients’ unique requirements and support multiple hosting scenarios: 

  1. On-Premise: We’ll manage your environment entirely on your equipment.
  2. Cloud: Leverage our Cloud expertise and partnerships to stand-up, host and support your solutions on Azure, AWS or GCP. 
  3. Hybrid: Leverage Adastra as an infrastructure aggregator. We’ll be the “single throat to choke” for management and support of your applications across both on-premise and Cloud platforms. 

We take the worry out of your Data and AI solutions by providing a bundled set of hosting, management, operations, and support services at an unparalleled level of service. 

"If you think you can do it, that’s confidence.  If you do it, that’s competence.”

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