ZUNO BANK AG is a division of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), a leading banking group in Central and Eastern Europe and part of Austria's largest banking group.  In total, around 60,000 RBI employees service about 13.5 million customers in 17 countries.

The Project:

The CRM project delivered in partnership with Adastra lives up to ZUNO’s approach—Less bank, more life—which seeks to save customers from confusing banking jargon and allow them to use their money to enjoy life.  The event-driven CRM solution enables ZUNO to treat each customer as an individual whose needs are fully taken care of.  A streamlined onboarding process is followed by the automatic recalculation to the customer’s position on the lifecycle based on events (including web activity), suggests the best possible marketing offers (Next-Best-Offer) to move the customer up the value chain (so called Customer Walk Map), and distributes marketing messages to channels based on channel & communication optimization techniques.

All of this fully personalized and currently implemented in daily automated mode. It is now being implemented for near real time! Campaigns that used to take days can now be prepared and distributed in minutes.