The June 2010 merger of Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile created the largest multimedia and telecommunications player on the Slovak market, servicing over 2 million customers. As a result of the merger, important considerations faced by Slovak Telekom included:

  • The overlap between fixed and mobile customer portfolios
  • Leveraging the expanded client based for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Segmenting commercial and residential customers to provide appropriate sales and customer service

The Project:

The sales and customer intelligence solution delivered in partnership with Adastra delivered the ability to effectively understand and interact more effectively with customers.

The Next Generation CRM project focused on customer mastering and segmentation, allowing Slovak Telecom to work with consolidated views of corporate clients from both Mobile and Fixed brands in one centralized CRM tool.  The Sales Force Automation component of the project enables best-in-class planning and forecasting of sales over the consolidated corporate client base, along with opportunity management functionalities across the merged portfolios

Additionally, the project delivered new customer portfolio segmentation and household views that customer care and give Marketing the ability to build new products focused on households and improve campaign targeting and promotions.