Big Data Means Big Opportunities for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Grads

Job prospects for graduates of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs have never been better. By 2018, two-thirds of STEM grads will be in the field of Information Technology (1). Within this group, the jobs with the best growth prospects will undoubtedly be in Information Management, particularly in the areas of Big Data, Data Science and Analytics.

Increasingly, driven to continue developing and strengthening their skills out in the field and to make a strong impact on the world, the most promising grads are choosing Adastra as the launching pad for their career.

The Big Data revolution

Imagine if you could go back in time as an engineer in the early 1900s: you’d be wise to choose a career in the automotive industry, which was about to have production mechanized and enjoy sales on a massive scale. In the postwar period, a prescient counsellor would suggest rocketry, to ride the coming space race; in the 1960s, your best bet would have been in semiconductors. For the 2000s, it has become abundantly clear that the industry with exponential growth in the near and present future is Information Management. The massive increase in the scale, type, and reach of data means that developments in the field will be limited only by the imagination of data practitioners – the creative energy of this generation of STEM graduates, who have the base knowledge and skills to shape the Big Data revolution.

Variety is the spice of the Big Data life

IM work provides tantalizing possibilities for the adventurous grad. Once mostly limited to highly structured financial data warehouses, Information Management now has a place in every industry – any industry that produces data can benefit from the new wave of analytics. Exciting new fields such as the sharing economy, data monetization, green energy, and the gamut of personalized services from razor subscriptions to dog poop collection, are ripe for data-driven improvement and innovation. Success in every industry requires an approach to data, and the specialists to make data ideas into informational reality. Gone are the days when an IT job meant building and maintaining a single solution for the length of one’s career. Big Data consultants have the opportunity to build solutions for a wide variety of different organizations in different industries.

Start-ups vs. big conglomerates

We’re all aware of the modern-day legends of developers going from their garages, basements, and dorm rooms to leadership of microchip-driven empires. The culture around IT mythologizes the start-up as the engine of development and progress. For some STEM grads, the thrill of starting at the ground floor and maybe making it big is too tantalizing to pass up. But not everyone has the profile to deal with the uncertainty and risk of the start-up. Many would just like to get on with applying their skills to innovative solutions to real-world problems, and opt for a larger organization. But should they choose one of the very large organizations that concentrate on many many different areas, and that specialize in nothing? Is there no middle ground between the risk of failure in the start-up, and the risk of becoming a small cog in a big machine? Increasingly, STEM grads are opting for a mid-size organization with the stability to ensure longevity without compromising on the innovative and inclusive culture intrinsic to smaller, more specialized organizations? I’d say “organizations like Adastra,” if there were any.

Never stop learning

By the time you graduate, you know that you haven’t been programmed with everything you’ll need to succeed. True knowledge begins with knowing what you don’t know—that’s where the questions come from, the questions that make innovation possible. Adastra gives you access to the thought leaders in Information Management, the latest Big Data technologies, and the opportunity to put your hard-won knowledge and skills to the test on a variety of different projects. Accelerate your education: two years working on innovative projects at Adastra alongside the best in the field is the equivalent of working five years or more anywhere else, a leg-up over your peers that will have a permanent impact on the span of your career. Help a financial services organization manage and mitigate risk; empower a business to use their infrastructure more effectively and efficiently; help a healthcare provider prevent and detect illness; connect innovative service providers or inventors to customer needs; harness open data and unstructured data to answer questions that haven’t even been dreamed of; and learn from each project how to do the next one even better.

Adastra is…

  • A specialist and a leader in Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics—a field with incredible growth and infinite possibilities
  • An innovative meritocracy: those who work hard and who come up with ideas have access to those with the influence to implement them, and everyone who wants them has multiple opportunities to assume leadership roles.
  • A flat organization, free from big company politics: A place where we all know each other, where we work hard to foster teamwork, and team play, share ideas and knowledge and skills, so that we all grow and develop together.
  • Where learning never stops: you get access to the latest and best technologies, a chance to work with the thought leaders in Big Data and Analytics, and a personalized career growth plan in a high-growth industry.
  • A place to harness your creativity and imagination to make a real impact on how our clients do business and deliver their services.
  • A long-standing, Platinum Member of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, with an unbroken record of growth, and a growing international team of more than a thousand.

In short, we’re the right fit for any STEM grad looking to launch a promising career in an exciting growth industry. Won’t you join us?