Data Lake

A universal repository for your entire enterprise’s data.


In the past we had to make choices about what we stored and for how long. With a Data Lake, the problem of having limited access to data to ask the right questions, is solved. You could be missing out on crucial information without having all your data at hand. Simplifying the way information is accumulated and accessed is becoming more and more imperative in today’s organizations. Data Lakes collect all types of data from internal and external resources, in their original, unaltered format. They provide a historical, unfiltered overview and support a new level of analytics and corresponding value realization. When deciding what data to store, you can now access all of it; having your cake and eating it too. Show your competitors how a strong Data Lake will catapult your business to surpass their capabilities.


A Data Lake makes information available to your entire organization. It assists your enterprise with the emergence of data processing and storage to achieve results and insights faster. It ensures your data is retained to support use cases, which you have not yet considered. The battle of your Big Data storage is over. Surprise your business with formidable insights and advantageous opportunities with a Data Lake.


At Adastra, our agile approach to Data Lakes can help you realize optimal business value within a data-driven culture. We utilize a consistent and robust approach to acquire vast amounts of data. By combining it with a thorough understanding of data, facilitated by modern Data Governance practices, we make data truly usable and simplify your data-related decisions. We’re small enough to be agile, but big enough to make a difference. Trust us with your data challenges. You won’t ever have to choose again.

“Where am I supposed to put all of this data? There’s no way I can store everything!”

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