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Introducing Artificial Intelligence

“Is my intelligence artificial yet?”

Leading organizations are continuously searching for opportunities to improve simple tasks and find innovative ways to accomplish them, while pushing the boundaries of digital technology to beat the competition. Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to transform previously underutilized and unexposed data into net new revenue streams, and to explore unknown unknowns to generate new insights and create competitive advantages for your business. Your company has a wealth of data. Use it intelligently to beat your competitors.


Artificial Intelligence Spotlight

Now more than ever, businesses are using Artificial Intelligence to predict trends and outcomes faster, through pattern identification, allowing them to remain ahead. Your organization can leverage AI along with Machine Learning to identify insights and opportunities not possible with traditional approaches. With Visual Analytics your business can analyze and creatively represent data to proactively anticipate needs, for optimal results. Don’t go unnoticed. Strike a blow to your competitors and your customers will come running.


How Can We Help

Adastra is a leader in the space of Artificial Intelligence. Our team will work in collaboration with your subject matter experts to design and build the ultimate Data Science solutions. We leverage modelling techniques to provide operations optimization; forecasting exercises; cognitive intelligence applications and real-time analytics. We’ll grant you the wish of high performance, delivery of smart solutions and the gift of first place.


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  • John Yawney

    John Yawney

    Data Science Lead

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    Ghazala Khan

    Data Scientist

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    Payam Bahreyni

    Data Scientist

  • Burak Yildiz

    Burak Yildiz

    Data Scientist / Artificial Intelligence Expert


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